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Introducing UNI4


UNI4 is a powerful 4-contact switch. Each contact can operate both in pulse and bistable mode. The DIN-rail compatible body makes it possible to install UNI4 inside a junction box or a switchboard.

Any Appliance

UNI4 features 4 powerful potential-free (dry) contacts. The contacts are not connected to the device galvanically so that UNI4 can imitate a button, switch, etc. in electrical circuits of various voltages.

Temperature Sensor

UNI4 ships with connectable external precision temperature sensor. You can create scenarios depending on temperature. For example temperature drops below 18.0℃ - turn the heating on.
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Preserve power

With the help of HomeSphere Uni4 you will never forget to turn the light, water or any electronic device off again. This will help save a good amount of kilowatts, up to 50 each day. If you apply this to the whole building or area you live in, the benefit will prove to be immense.

Preserve expenses

Because HomeSphere works with any appliance (from any manufacturer) you don't need to buy expensive HomeKit details to use our product. This will prevent you from having unnecessary electronics in your home, so you can just stick with the basics.